Uses Of Custom Stamps In Libraries

If you have ever worked in a library, it is safe to assume that you are familiar with some of the procedures and processes that obtain in libraries. Among other things, you probably noticed that most libraries have a number of different stamps and these stamps have different uses. Library administrators use custom stamps for many reasons and these include book identification, book arrangement and book positions (available or borrowed) at any given time. Below are some ways these stamps are made and how they are used in most libraries. 
Carving a Rubber StampThe first step in creating a rubber stamp is the design. You can simply use pens or coloured pencils to create a sketch of what you want the finished stamp to look like. At this stage, you are not aiming for perfection, you just want to create a basic design and perfect it later. Once you have this sketch, you can take it to a computer expert who will use graphics to create the artwork you need. With this artwork, you can move on to the next stage in this interesting process. 

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Carving the Stamp

With your design, you can go ahead and consult an expert stamp maker to carve your stamp. The stamp maker will transform your design to a rubber stamp easily. This process is a simple matter of carving the design on a bit of rubber. Next, the rubber stamp is placed on a stamp holder and the job is done. The rubber stamp should include important details like the name, the address and logo of the library. Other details include provision for signature and date. Library stamps have many uses so the stamp maker will carve different stamps for you in accordance with your needs. 

The Received Stamp

This is probably the most important stamp in the library. The "received stamp" is the one to acknowledge that books bought or donated to the library has been received by the librarian. This stamp has provision for both date and signature. The librarian sighs on the right place, writes the date and puts the book away.  

Identification Stamps

Organizers of libraries use these stamps to properly identify the books in the library. These stamps contain the name and address of the library with provision for book number and other features to identify the book as a library copy. 
Borrowed StampThe borrowed stamp is the one used by librarians to indicate that a particular book is now in the borrowed category. This stamp has provision for two dates. These are the date the book was borrowed and the date the book was returned. There is also provision for the signatures of both the borrower and the librarian. 

The Returned Book Stamp

As the name implies, this stamp is the one that indicates that a borrowed book has been returned to the library. The stamp has provision for the mane of the borrower, the official who authorized the borrowing and the dates on which the book in question was borrowed and returned. 

Final Word

As you can see, stamps have important uses in the organized library system. Contact an expert to create the perfect stamps for you and you can use them happily.