Marxism and the Call of the Future: A Conversation with Bill Martin
by: Bob Avakian and Bill Martin
isbn: 0812695798

In Volume Two in Open Court's Creative Marxism series readers have a rare opportunity to eavesdrop on a provocative, wide-ranging conversation between two lively intellects. Marxism and the Call of the Future reproduces an actual discussion between Bill Martin, a DePaul University philosophy professor, and Bob Avakian, the controversial leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP). Though the scope and relevance of Marxism is at the heart of this spirited exchange, the two also offer up a sharp-witted critique of George W. Bush and touch on animal rights, The Simpsons, secularism and religion, Bob Dylan, and the post-9/11 agenda of the United States.
Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, and Martin (philosophy, DePaul U.) got together in the spring of 2002 to share thoughts on the future of Marxism from their respective viewpoints as an activist and a scholar. Here are the transcripts. Among the topics they discuss are agriculture and ethics, postmodern capitalism, Kant and Hegel, art and vision, sexuality and homosexuality, the animal question, and intellectuals and revolution.

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