Bob Avakian: Observations on Art and Culture, Science and Philosophy
by: Bob Avakian
isbn: 0976023636

This provocative collection of reflections and observations by Bob Avakian on art, culture, science and philosophy offers a rare treat. Excerpted from talks as well as more informal discussions and conversations, many of the texts in this collection allow the reader to experience firsthand the freewheeling Bob Avakian as he continues to develop his extensive body of work, with its radical new directions, with regard to the communist project. The observations collected range from Avakianís reenvisioning of the dictatorship of the proletariat and his epistemological breakthroughs in Marxism to reflections on truth and beauty, science and imagination, the problems of Lysenko-ism, and the relationship of Marxism to philosophy generally. Insight Press believes this collection will provide the reader with important, fresh, and provocative insights and provoke further creative and critical thinking about the subjects discussed.

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