The Project to Set the Record Straight

The rulers constantly bombard us with the message that “communism is dead,” that it hasn’t worked and cannot work, and that revolutions in power lead to tyranny. One aspect of their ideological crusade is to systematically distort the revolutionary experiences of the Soviet Union and China, especially the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. And the lies and slanders they put out often have the veneer of factuality.

The Revolutionary Communist Party has initiated a project to SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT. Its aim is to bring out the truth of these revolutions– their great achievements and victories, along with their mistakes and shortcomings–and to bring forward the works and insights of Bob Avakian in summing up these experiences and pointing to lessons for humanity today. The campaign will involve research, writing, debates, and outreach. It will focus on colleges and universities. Our goal is to significantly influence the terms of discussion and debate around communism and historical experience of socialist revolution. We invite all who are interested to take part.    Read the Set the Record Straight mission statement.

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